Prescription Refills

It is our commitment to provide you with exceptional service both in the pharmacy and online. We are pleased to announce new ways that you can request refills and access your prescriptions online, anywhere, anytime.

RefillRx Mobile App  Recommended

  • No username and password required
  • Refill whenever you need, wherever you are
  • Just scan your barcode and submit
  • Show Me How iPhone Android

RefillRx Website

  • Register for username and password
  • Refill whenever you need, wherever you are
  • Access your account 24/7
  • Check on the status of your prescriptions
  • Show Me How Go to RefillRx Site

Phone or In Person

  • Call us at (662) 892-8448
  • Refills available in store
  • Refill requests may be submitted at the drive through


  1. Go to the Apple App Store
  2. Search for RefillRx Mobile
  3. Select Install
 Get the iPhone App


  1. Go to the Google Play Store app
  2. Search for RefillRx Mobile
  3. Select Install
 Get the Android App

Note: You dont need a username and password for the mobile app.
No. For the mobile app, you just need to scan bar codes or entering the Prescription Number and Pharmacy.
  1. Open the RefillRx app
  2. Select the Scan button
  3. Use your phones camera to scan the barcode on your prescription bottle
  4. Enter our phone number, if prompted (662) 892-8448
  1. Open the RefillRx app
  2. Select the pharmacy field
  3. Enter our phone number (662) 892-8448
  4. Select Mike's Pharmacy
  5. Type in the Prescription number
  6. Select Send
  1. Click here to register for an Refill Rx username and login
  2. Locate our pharmacy using 38654 (zip code) and 8448 (last 4 digits of our phone number)
  3. Enter your name, address, birthday, and prescription number
  4. Create a username and password
  5. Login and start using your account!

Note: You only need to register for a username and password once. After that you can use the same account for any prescriptions you have with us.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click this link and enter your username or email address.
    Forgot my Password
  1. Go to and login using your username and password
  2. Select My Prescriptions